About istrian ham/prosciutto

Istrian ham/prosciutto is a traditional Istrian specialty that has been produced in Istria since the 16th century. It is a permanent dry meat product made from pork, without subcutaneous fat and without skin, subjected to drying and ripening processes that last between 12 and 24 months. Drying takes place in the air, without smoking. Its specific processing includes salting with pure coarse sea salt, pressing and treating with a mixture of pepper, garlic and spices (bay, rosemary). During drying, prosciutto is covered with noble mold, which gives it a characteristic taste and smell.

Istrian ham/prosciutto is protected by the European label of origin. This means that only those hams/prosciuttos that have been positively evaluated by a certified institution can receive ‘the seal’, which guarantees quality and authenticity to consumers. The area of production of Istrian ham/prosciutto covers part of the area of the Istrian peninsula (Slovenian part of Istria and Istrian County), which does not include islands.

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