5. Vegetarian plate

Top-quality cow’s cheeses, cheeses with truffles, Istrian cottage cheese and olive oil are reason enough to choose a vegetarian pizza. Taste them with excellent homemade bread.

4. Plate ‘Tinjan’

Istrian malavazia goes best with feta of prosciutto. In the ‘Tinjan’ plate, try selected cured meat products (prosciutto, ombolo, pancetta) and cow’s cheese, along with a glass of Malvasia from Tinjan producers.

3. Plate ‘Istra’

Plate ‘Istra’ includes all the most famous and delicious Istrian delicacies on one plate: Istrian prosciutto, pancetta, ombolo, zarebnjak, hard cow’s cheese, truffle cheese, cottage cheese, olive oil.

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