Legal data

MBS: 130121092

OIB: 05608017966

EUID: HRSR.130121092

Company: RUBINIUM ISTRA j.d.o.o.

Headquarters/address: Jakovici (Tinjan), Bašići 28B, Croatia

Basic capital: HRK 5,000.00 / EUR 663.61 (fixed conversion rate 7.53450)

The amount of share capital is presented in euros for information purposes and does not affect the rights and obligations of the company or its members.
Companies are obliged to adjust their share capital in accordance with the Act on Amendments to the Companies Act (“Official Gazette” No. 114/22).

Legal form: simple limited liability company

Predominant activity: 56.10 Activities of restaurants and other establishments for the preparation and serving of food

Company founders/members:
Ivana Antolović Smoljan.
– member
Ivan Smoljan,
– member

Authorized representative:
Ivana Antolović Smoljan,
– director
– represents independently and indefinitely

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